Monday, September 30, 2013

End of September Challenge Update

Monday again! The last Monday of September. Hard to believe. It's the end of another month and now the weather is chillier and my book reading is moving more indoors rather than out in the glorious sun of summer.

73 Books Challenge: 62/73 books read (84% done)
Library Books Challenge: 47/50 books read (94% done)
A-Z Book Challenge: 18/26 books read (69% done, 6% behind schedule)
Classics Catch Up Challenge: 7/13 books read (53% done, 22% behind schedule)
Books by Women Challenge: 16/16 books read (DONE)
Eclectic Book Challenge: 8/12 books read (66% done, 9% behind schedule)
Literature and War Challenge: 6/12 books read (50% done, 25% behind schedule)
Classic Kids Book Challenge: 7/12 books read (58% done, 17% behind schedule)
Books Tobias Picked: 4/6 books read (66% done, 9% behind schedule)

This week I continued to make up ground and am in great position to be able to finish all of my challenges before the end of the year. I finished 6 more books, and 5 more reviews. My goal in September was to finish 21 reviews, and unfortunately only got 14 done. Next month my goal is 21 more.

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