Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tobias is SIX!

I can't believe it... My oldest baby is six.

He was born on August 30, 2006 weighing 8lbs 12oz... 23 days after his due date!

A year later he was a running ball of energy who only ever slowed down when he was sleeping:

At 2 he got his first trike and spent much of his birthday on the couch with Mama who was on bedrest thanks to his little brother:

By three he fully cultivated curls... oh the curls!

At 4 his one wish for his birthday was mini golf. I agreed, but only once it was evening time because I was 38w5d pregnant and OMG the heat!

Last year he was a 5 year old who was on his way to full day every day school for the first time.

And now I have a sweet, adorable 6 year old. Just days away from entering first grade. He loves his brothers and beyblades and Superman and his "Auntell" as he says it (Aunt El)