My 2017 Reading Challenges

Click on the links to see my progress:

Overall Progress on Challenges
  • Reading Challenge Addict (this one tracks my progress and success at finishing other reading challenges throughout the year)
Special Challenges (these involve more than just reading)
  1. Book to Movie Reading Challenge
Year Long Reading Challenges (click links to see my progress)
  1. 10th Annual Graphic Novels & Manga Challenge
  2. 10th Canadian Book Challenge
  3. Back to the Classics 
  4. Beat the Backlist
  5. Birth Year Reading Challenge
  6. Couples Reading Challenge
  7. Deal Me In Short Story Challenge
  8. Diverse Reads Book Challenge
  9. Flights of Fantasy Reading Challenge
  10. Newbery Reading Challenge
  11. Pages Read 2017
  12. Parenting Reading Challenge
  13. Picture Book Reading Challenge
  14. PoC Reading Challenge
  15. Popsugar Reading Challenge
  16. Russian Literature Reading Challenge
  17. Serious About Series Reading Challenge - I'm Hosting this. Join us!
  18. Youth Media Awards for 2017 Challenge
Partial Year Reading Challenges
  1. Literature and War Readalong (January 2017 - December 2017)
  2. Wizard of Oz Readalong (January 2017 - February 2018)

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