Monday, October 7, 2013

End of the 1st Week of October Update

This week ended up being way busier with two sick kids than I was expecting it to be. I ended up finishing several more books in spite of it all though, but I didn't get any more reviews done. Next week is a holiday weekend so I am not sure that I will get a lot done this week either but I am hoping for at least 5 more books to be finished.

73 Books Challenge: 70/73 books read (95% done)
Library Books Challenge: 50/50 books read (DONE)
A-Z Book Challenge: 23/26 books read (88% done)
Classics Catch Up Challenge: 10/13 books read (76% done, 1% behind schedule)
Books by Women Challenge: 16/16 books read (DONE)
Eclectic Book Challenge: 10/12 books read (83% done)
Literature and War Challenge: 6/12 books read (50% done, 27% behind schedule)
Classic Kids Book Challenge: 8/12 books read (75% done, 2% behind schedule)
Books Tobias Picked: 5.5/6 books read (91% done)

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