Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Picture Books We Read in January

Original artwork by Charles Haigh-Wood (1856-1927)

The Picture Book Reading Challenge (sign up here/read my intro post here) has really motivated Linus and I to branch out our reading choices. He and I read every book together with big brother and little brother joining in most of the time. Our goal was to read at least 8 books that fit our list this month because he turned 8 on Saturday. We hit the #8 mark a couple of weeks ago when I first posted our intro post. Since then we just kept reading.

As we stand now:

24 out of 102 read (items in red are new since the last update, items in green are in progress, usually non fiction with a lot of words on each page that we like to enjoy in bite sizes)

1. An alphabet book
S is for Scientists: A Discovery Alphabet by Larry Verstraete
_ 2. A counting book
Hat Tricks Count: A Hockey Numbers Book by Matt Napier
_ 3. Concept book: shapes or numbers or opposites or colors
4. a book set on a farm or in the country
Beatrice's Goat by Page McBrier
_ 5. a book set in the city or in an urban area
6. a book set at the beach, in the ocean, or by a lake
Are You the Pirate Captain by Gareth P. Jones and Garry Patterson
7. a book with human characters
The Quiet Little Woman by Louisa May Alcott
8. a book with animal characters
The Sheep Go On Strike by Jean-Francois Dumont
9. a bedtime book
Mortimer by Robert Munsch
10. a rhyming book
Without Wings, Mother, How Can I Fly? by Norma Farber
11. a book celebrating art
Magic Trash: A Story of Tyree Guyton and His Art by Jane Shapiro
12. a book celebrating dance
Mama Does the Mambo by Katherine Leiner
_ 13. a book celebrating music
14. a book celebrating family (parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, etc.)
My Family Tree and Me by Dusan Petricic
15. a book about feelings, expressing feelings
You're All My Favorites by Sam McBratney
16. a book with a twist (unexpected) ending
Snow Day by Lester L. Laminack
_ 17. a book about pets (cats, dogs, fish)
_ 18. a book celebrating libraries or reading
19. a book translated into English (originally published in another language/country)
The Happy Troll by Max Bolliger
_ 20 Mother Goose related
The Real Mother Goose by Blanche Fisher Wright
21 a book about adoption
Help a Hamster: A Gentle Introduction to Adoption by Hilary Robinson
_ 22 a book by Gail Gibbons
23 a book by Jon Scieszka
Math Curse by Jon Scieszka
_ 24 a book featured on Reading Rainbow
_ 25 free choice
_ 26 out of print
_ 27 wordless picture book
_ 28 a book by Margaret Wise Brown
_ 29 a board book
_ 30. a book about trains or planes
_ 31. a book about cars or trucks
_ 32. a book about starting school
_ 33. a book about friendship (sharing, caring, forgiving)
_ 34. a book about being ME, about being unique, special, loved, etc.
_ 35. a fairy tale
36. a twisted (adapted) fairy tale
Bully Goat Grim by Willy Claflin
_ 37. a book about a holiday
_ 38. a new-to-you author
_ 39. a new-to-you illustrator
40. a book about new experiences (dentist, doctor, sleepovers, movies, playing sports, learning to swim, etc.)
Subway Mouse by Barbara Reid
41. a series book
The Super Red Racer: Junior Discovers Work by Dave Ramsey
_ 42. a book celebrating food (cooking, eating, trying new foods, eating healthy)
43. a book published before 1950
McElligot's Pool by Dr. Seuss
_ 44. a book published in the 1950s
_ 45. a book published in the 1960s
_ 46. a book published in the 1970s
_ 47. a book published in the 1980s
_ 48. a book published in the 1990s
_ 49. a book published in the 2000s
50. a book published 2010-2016
No Pirates Allowed! Said Library Lou by Rhonda Gowler Greene
_ 51. a book published in 2017
_ 52. a book by Dr. Seuss
_ 53. a book by Mo Willems
_ 54. a book by Jan Thomas
_ 55. a book by Eric Carle
_ 56. a book by Laura Numeroff
_ 57. a book by Patricia Polacco
_ 58. a book by Jon Klassen
_ 59. a book by Beatrix Potter
_ 60. a book by Kevin Henkes
_ 61. a book written or illustrated by LeUyen Pham
_ 62. a Caldecott winner
_ 63.  a Caldecott honor
_ 64. a picture book biography
_ 65. a nonfiction picture book
_ 66. a book from your childhood
_ 67. a book you discovered as an adult
_ 68. a book celebrating writing, being an author or illustrator
_ 69. a library book
_ 70. an audio book
_ 71.  a book about dinosaurs OR dragons
72. nonfiction book about animals (or animal)
Creepy but Cool Snakes by Julie K. Lundgren
_ 73. a challenged book OR a controversial book
_ 74. a book that makes you laugh
_ 75. a book that makes you cry
_ 76. hate the text, love the art
77. love the text, hate the art
Now or Later Alligator by Precious McKenzie
78. a book with a great cover
The Barefoot Book of Children by Tessa Strickland, Kate DePalma, David Dean
_ 79. a book with an ugly cover
_ 80. a book about toys
_ 81. a book about weather
_ 82. a picture book for older readers
_ 83. a book of jokes, riddles, tongue-twisters
The Science Zone: Jokes, Riddles, Tongue Twisters & Daffynitions by Gary Chmielewski
_ 84. a book about seasons
85. a song
Deep in the Swamp by Donna M. Bateman
_ 86. a poetry book
_ 87. a book by a celebrity
_ 88.  a book published in Australia
_ 89. a book published in the UK
_ 90. a book about science or math
_ 91. a book about history or historical event
_ 92. a book about sports
_ 93. a book about celebrating birthdays
_ 94. a book about a President or world leader
_ 95. a book about another country
_ 96. a book celebrating faith
_ 97. a pop-up book, or, a book with cut-outs or flaps or fold-outs
_ 98. a bilingual book
_ 99.  a television series that has been adapted to a book
_ 100. a book that has been adapted to a television series
_ 101. an adaptation of a myth or legend
_ 102. a book about babies

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