Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2013 Books in Review #12: The Everything Car Care Book

After having a really bad experience when my van needed fixed because I was not as knowledgeable about vehicles as I needed to be and therefore got taken advantage of, I decided I needed to learn more.
This book gives a great basic rundown of all of the systems in a car. It will teach you how the systems work (when they are working properly!) and how they work together. Also covered are the ways that each system can break down. For each maintenance issue they cover what parts you can do at home easily, what parts can be done at home if you have some vehicle experience, and what should always be left to a mechanic. I appreciated the break down, and also the instructions on how to do the easier things that I may want to tackle myself.
Overall I left feeling like I understood better what goes into making my van tick. I usually take it for granted and then when something breaks I realize how much I depend on it all the time. The book also covered how to find a good mechanic, which I appreciated because that was where my troubles all started to begin with.
This was my 45th book of the year, 34th library book of the year, and letter "E" in my A-Z challenge.

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