Wednesday, September 4, 2013

2013 Books in Review #5: Roland Wright, Future Knight

Tobias chose this book from the library and we finished it in just a few days.
Roland is a young boy living in the middle ages with his father, who is an armorer who builds the best armor in the land, and Shelby, his older brother. Roland dreams of being a knight but as the child not born into nobility there does not appear to be any way for this dream to be realized.
Due to his father's skill a knight is sent to purchase a set of armor for the king himself and later it saves him in battle. After this the king sends a declaration to Mr. Wright that one of his sons may come to the castle to be trained as a page. If he succeeds he may become a squire, and then a knight.
Roland is delighted but also unsure of his ability to be sent since he is the younger son. His father puts his brother and himself through a set of skill tests and although Shelby beats Roland on most of them, Roland shows more of the characteristics that knights must possess because he remains true to himself throughout all of the challenges. In the end he wins the chance to go to the castle. 
This was a fun, easy read and it is the first in a series of books. We will be sure to pick up the next one and read that too.
 This book was #39 for me this year, #29 for my library challenge, and #2 of the books that Tobias picked.

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