Thursday, September 5, 2013

2013 Books in Review #6: Save Me

Save Me was the first book I read of the bag full of books I was given for my birthday from my Uncle Neil. It immediately caught my eye and I was hooked from the first time I read the jacket cover.
Save Me follows the story of a mother who is put in an impossible situation and has to choose between saving the life of children right in front of her, or saving the life of her daughter. In the end she makes her choice and it still ends up taking an unexpected twist that makes it seem like she didn't make the choice the way that she did.
I was expecting the book to focus mostly on the choice, when it reality that part of the story was done within the first couple of chapters and the rest of the book delved into a much deep plot that kept adding murder and mystery and intrigue to it and it ended up being a much different story line then the one that I was expecting. It wasn't a bad story, just very different and less the type that I am apt to find most interesting. 
All in all I gave this book 3/5 stars. I enjoyed it but it didn't end up being the huge winner I was hoping for.
Save Me was book #24 for the year, and my ninth book written by a woman.

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