Saturday, September 21, 2013

2013 Books in Review #9: Choice

Choice was an impulse pick up at the library. I generally love reading anything that has to do with women's health and reproductive politics so I thought I might enjoy this.
Choice is a collection of essays written by women about choices they've made, or watched others make, about reproduction. Some of the stories covered pregnancies that came easily, others infertility and loss and assisted reproduction technology. Many of the women spoke of pregnancies chosen and carried to term, and others of making the choice to obtain an abortion. Many of the stories covered politics... the accessibility of abortion (even if it wasn't the choice that the woman made for her current pregnancy), and there was one story that was about a woman's struggle as a lesbian and trying to find help conceiving with her partner and then the logistics of coparenting in a state where same sex marriage was illegal.
I love women's stories. I find them rich and moving so this book was an enjoyable one for me even in the parts that were hard. Some of the stories resonated with my own reproductive journey, many didn't, but I'm glad I read them all and glad that they were shared.
Choice was my 49th book of the year, and my 38th library book.

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