Monday, September 16, 2013

2013 Books in Review #7: The Friday Night Knitting Club


I love to knit. My love for knitting is what prompted me to start this book. I listened to the audiobook version from the library.
Georgia is a single mother to a daughter, Dakota, and the owner of a yarn store. She starts a knitting club at her store on Friday nights and the women who find their way into the store for the club have their lives woven together in the fellowship they share there. 
Part way through the book Dakota's father comes back into their lives and he forges a relationship with Dakota, and then also with Georgia. They find themselves falling into what seems like a lovely life together until the news comes that Georgia has cancer. I will admit that at this point in the book I stopped enjoying it as much. I regularly read books that deal with challenging subjects, books that make me angry or make me cry. However I was expecting this book to be light and when it delved into her illness I found myself having a harder time enjoying the story and then on her death I cried a lot.
Because of my feelings when the book changed it's feeling into seriousness and sadness I doubt I will finish the other two books in the series.
The Friday Night Knitting Club was my 6th book read for the year, and my 3rd Library Book and my 3rd book written by a woman.

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