Monday, September 23, 2013

End of Week #38 Challenge Update

It's Monday and that means we are at the end of another week of 2013. Hard to believe how fast it is going! Time for a challenge update to keep me focused.

73 Books Challenge: 55/73 books read (75% done)
Library Books Challenge: 42/50 books read (84% done)
A-Z Book Challenge: 17/26 books read (65% done, 8% behind schedule)
Classics Catch Up Challenge: 3/13 books read (23% done, 50% behind schedule)
Books by Women Challenge: 16/16 books read (DONE)
Eclectic Book Challenge: 8/12 books read (66% done, 7% behind schedule)
Literature and War Challenge: 5/12 books read (41% done, 32% behind schedule)
Classic Kids Book Challenge: 5/12 books read (41% done, 32% behind schedule)
Books Tobias Picked: 3/6 books read (50% done, 23% behind schedule)

Overall not a bad week. I finished 8 more books and also 5 more book reviews. :)

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